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  • FSP 3000 SmartAmp
FSP 3000 SmartAmp

FSP 3000 SmartAmp

  • Product description: FSP 3000 SmartAmp

Direct detect innovation

Driven by fierce migration to cloud-based services, data centers have been rapidly expanding for many years. Recently, however, this trend has reached a limit and internet content and cloud service providers have begun to focus on creating regional clusters of multiple data centers. This strategy enables ICPs to maximize performance, availability and redundancy, but it does require a new level of power and space efficiency in metro data center interconnect (DCI) networks. Advances in direct detect transmission utilizing PAM4 technology have emerged to radically reduce DCI cost per bit. Built on our SmartAmp™ solution, our direct detect optical layer is at the forefront of this change, offering unbeatable efficiency alongside phenomenal operational simplicity.

An open line system in a box

As part of our FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ platform, the FSP 3000 SmartAmp™ is a custom-designed open line system optimized for single-span, direct-detect 100Gbit/s PAM4 interconnects. Managed via open APIs, our SmartAmp™ comes as an open line system in a box, integrating optical amplification, wavelength multiplexing, automated dispersion management and dynamic power control in a compact chassis. Its small footprint, lowest power consumption and true plug-and-play design make our SmartAmp™ the ideal choice for cost-effective, hyperscale direct detect metro DCI across distances of up to 100km.

Expanding metro horizons

High bit-rate direct-detect WDM optics need precise management of optical power and chromatic dispersion. What normally would be a tedious manual process requiring specialized staff, our SmartAmp™ turns into a fully automated rack-and-stack operation, managed via open APIs. This ensures seamless integration into data center and SDN environments. With our SmartAmp™, we're opening up a new world of possibilities for metro DCI. By extending the reach of direct detect signals while introducing a market-leading level of automation, ICPs and CNPs have the power to achieve more than ever before. Now they can relieve any DCI bottlenecks and assure that their regional data center clusters operate as efficiently as a single hyperscale facility.



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