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  • Product description: MODEL:FGUT-A Part Number:3FE 76986 AA Describe:16-ports U-NGPON Line Termination Board with Traffic Manager

MODEL:FGUT-A Part Number:3FE 76986 AA  Describe:16-ports U-NGPON Line Termination Board with Traffic Manager

We can provide FGUT-A line card, which has 16 ports and supports SFP xgspon module. We can provide perfect after-sales technical support services.

The FGUT-A is a Next Generation U-NGPON line termination board. This board can be installed in a 7360 ISAM FX subrack. The FGUT-A meets ANSI and ETSI/MII requirements and can be used in CO and remote deployments. The FGUT-A provides support of G.984 GPON, G.989 NG-PON2 TWDM, G.9807 XGS-PON and G.984 GPON combined with G.9807 XGS-PON on any of the 16 ports. Optical modules can be plugged in on the FGUT-A board. For an overview of the supported pluggable optical modules, see7360 ISAM FX Product Information Guide. The FGUT-A caters for a non-blocking throughput when fully equipped with any of the supported optical modules (including the MPM modules). The FGUT-A generates downstream signals synchronized to a timing reference from one of the two NT slots. All other clocks and synchronization signals are derived from on-board oscillators.


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